Sunday, 31 May 2009

Anyone seen Iris?

Do you like Irises? I do, having being stunned by a display I came across when lost in southern France many years ago, while trying to track down a retired U.K. work colleague. They were a stunning display of blue and yellow, in the garden of house in the middle of nowhere. For me I feel they are an amazingly complex flower while Jill my neighbour here in Spain views them as "untidy" - each to his own I suppose. I have a picture - one of my favourites - of blue and yellow irises in a vase on a table with voile curtains blowing in the background. I always think of an apartment in Paris when I see this. I guess I assumed that all irises came in blue and yellow but how wrong I was.

I was invited to a garden party held to raise funds for a local charity earlier in the year. We took the road for Jalon and then turned immediately off for Pinos and travelled along and up into the mountains. On and on we went, until we were convinced "there could be nothing up here" and my passengers were already voicing doubts about their safety on the journey back down the mountain. Then we arrived. Almost at the top of the mountain we arrived at Iris-Lomer an amazing garden where more than ten-thousand irises from more than a hunderd varieties were in bloom. Walking this garden, right up in the silence of the mountains was an amazing experience and well recommended. If you are ever this way in April or May when the flowers in bloom and the gardens open, consider a detour. You can find the gardens, and order plants, at

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