Monday, 2 March 2009

In the beginning

Mel my friend has been on at me for a good while to start blogging on some of the things he and I talk about - usually issues about life. Today I have done something about that. I will include my reflections on issues that manage to attract my attention during the hurly-burly of the day. I hope you find them interesting. Let me know!


  1. Hi Steve
    I found it all quite interesting, although I have ti go deeper into it, I have only looked lightly at it so far.

    I would like to read whatever you come up with.

    Love and peace

  2. Good stuff and needs deliberation as to being available like floride-for all-yes!
    Shopping as retail therapy, certainly is true, and how about eating overly substitution --and the hormones influence over that problem?

    More of such please--See you soon, coming 27.5,
    love Patricia

  3. muy interesantes todos los artículos...! Me gusta mucho la presentación y las fotos que has elegido..